Visit Morocco: A guide for New Zealanders

Morocco is one of those countries that are liked the most by the New Zealanders. Many New Zealanders want to tour Morocco and spend some good time over there.

Geographical attractions

Morocco attracts the people from around the world through its unique geographical importance. It is situated at a place that has each and everything in it. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and also has some areas that have mountains. Some part of the Morocco is also linked to the Sahara desert. Morocco is located in the Northern Africa. It shares its borders with the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It also occupies the Western part of the Sahara. Morocco’s territory is covered mostly by the Mountain ranges and the hilly areas.

The southern part of the country contains the Atlas Mountains which continue to the center of the country. The northern part of the country contains the Rif Mountains. The Berbers are the inhabitants of both of these ranges. These ranges and their civilizations are the important places that the New Zealanders often want to visit. Morocco is the fifty seventh largest country in the world and occupies an area of about 446,519 square kilometers. In the east and the southeast Morocco shares its border with Algeria. This border between them has been closed since 1994.

Major Universities

Morocco is one of those countries that are very rich in the knowledge and has strong historical background. The country hosts over four dozen of the top listed Universities. Other higher learning institutions and the polytechnics are distributed in the urban areas of the country. One of the leading universities is the Muhammad V University that is located in Rabat. The university is the largest university of the country and is has other branches of the institute in the cities of Casablanca and Fès. Another institute that is also situated in Rabat and conducts the major researches regarding the social sciences is the Hassan II Agriculture and Veterinary Institute. The institute also has some specialties in the agriculture field. Another major university is the Al-Akhawayn University in the city of Ifrane. This was the first university of the English language in the North Africa. The contributions of the United States and the Saudi Arabia made it possible to inaugurate this university in 1995. Another university is located in Fes and it is named as the University of Al-Karaouine. This university is considered to be the oldest university in the world that grants academic degree. These universities are a great source of attraction for the visitors. Many New Zealanders visit Morocco and take admissions in these universities and complete their education there.

Wildlife as an Attraction

The biodiversity of the wildlife in the Morocco makes it different from many other countries and it has an edge over them. Many species of birds are the part of the fauna of great importance that the Morocco possesses. There are 454 major species in the avifauna of Morocco. These are a great source of attraction for the New Zealanders that are interested in the wildlife.